In order to date me you must be willing to do the following:

  • cuddle and never stop
  • hold my hand everywhere we go
  • eat gross amounts of food with me
  • go on adventures
  • wake me up with kisses 
  • make blanket forts

i am the most stressed out laziest person ever i don’t even know how i do it





    i wish when i felt threatened or angry or embarrased my hair would do the expandy fluffy thing like in ghibli films

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another pom blossoms into the world


    another pom blossoms into the world

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    I really love this guy

    Artist: VexatiousMayor // Shenyanigans

    Track: ACNL - Favourite Things
    Plays: 3,673


    Sparkling hybrids and travelling kittens

    Customised kettles and neighbour’s lost mittens

    Packages wrapped up with red ribbon strings

    These are a few of my favourite things

    Smug boyfriend ponies and hair styling poodles

    Lazies talking all about ramen noodles

    The way that villagers joyfully sing

    These are a few of my favourite things

    When the sharks bite

    When the bees stings

    When I’m feeling sad

    I simply remember my favourite things

    And then I don’t feel so bad

    Inspired by this post! I wrote the words myself, but I do not own the original song! Uh, it was only a quick recording, hence it just being an acapella. If you’d like to sing it to music or something, go ahead ^^ I’m considering doing it at the weekend if I’m not too busy~


    i’m really good at making plans and then not wanting to do them when the time comes